Today email has become a requirement for many people for the purposes of keeping in contact with the everyday latest happenings. There are many email service providers offered and people all over the world use these create hotmail account providers. New updates are made to these email services to enhance its purposes and improvement.

Hotmail was an email support and part of Windows Essentials. In 1997, the software company Microsoft bought Hotmail out of Windows Company and integrated in the Microsoft Network (MSN). It became an immediate hit in its initial release and represented in a lot of nations. It had been considered among the world’s biggest providers of webmail services. This email service is quite secure with a built-in spam filter and smart screen.


It’s important to know that create hotmail account are the easiest and most hacked email service providers. In situation like that there are a couple of precautions to be considered while using a Hotmail account. Never access to Hotmail account in any public computer or internet cafĂ©, not only are these locations infested with hackers but also nearly all public computers don’t have any anti-virus software, thus leaving your pc prone to attacks from unknown viruses. It’s mandatory to have a very strong password, one that cannot be easily figured out by hackers. An ideal password for any sort of important account would Be a mix of numbers, alphabets, and special characters which would be difficult to crack even by biking through a massive dictionary to get into your email account.

It’s also a must to install antivirus applications to protect your account by virus.These are some precautions to be chosen in order to be safe and revel in the most from your Hotmail account.

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